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Hello Everyone!

As you can see, our site has had a few changes! We have added another co-writer and dear friend Celeste! Her work is posted and you can click and read more about her! We also have some awesome news! We are co-writing a Disney Character story including some of our favorite characters from the movies!  Now for the important things; we are holding competitions for all of our completed stories and the rules, start and end dates are below! Check it out and feel free to contact u

Rules for One Shots: You can choose any or all of the three author’s COMPLETED stories, we will choose the best and most well written for from the applicants, it must be between 5,000-10,000 words. Automatic disqualification if you use VAMPIRES, ONE DIRECTION or WEREWOLVES. Bonus if you use: THOT, YOLO, SWAG, BAE in a negative way that discredits the whole meaning. No erotic novels, no 50 shades of grey shit. PG-13 or R only because of language. 

You will have from July 10th till July 25th to complete this.

Rules for Covers: Nothing too busy, something that’s easy on the eyes, no personal pictures, other than that, it’s fair game. 

You will have from July 10th till July 17th to complete this.

Rules for Character Profile: It should be in application format. Name, age, occupation, physical descriptions, character traits, most likely to be seen with, relationship status/partner, hobbies, family tree (doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed), quirks and favorite quote from character, chapter and page number so we can find it, what you like/dislike about the character and reasons why.  

You will have from July 10th till August 8th to complete this.

If you want to bundle the deadline for all two or three competitions is August 1st 2014.

We will announce the winners on September 5th!
Submit all work to obviouslyundecided@gmail.com